This Post Grad Life: Appearance is Everything?

I love sweatpants. They are my soulmate. When I put them on (especially after shaving my legs) they feel live heaven. Especially when the elastic ends grip to my ankles and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yep, that’s right — I wear XL man sweatpants when I’m lounging around the house. Sue me and call me the laziest pile of crap since Charlie Sheen. Woah — I just burned myself.

In college, I got into a nasty habit with my sweatpants. Our relationship took a very public turn. Yep, my sweatpants relationship was all about the PDA and I went everywhere with them on. Grocery store, library, Target, the mall…we were attached at the hip (pun intended). When I graduated college, I broke up with sweatpants and scooted on to yoga pants (because they didn’t seem as “you-never-dress-up-taboo”).

But here’s the thing; I’m tired of my sweatpants and my yoga pants. Although I’m a woman that promotes comfort, something about putting a little more effort into presenting yourself in public makes me feel a lot better about life. It’s a simple concept, but something about it isn’t so simple. After living in a college world where presenting yourself meant spending four hours a weekend going out (and that’s it), things change. The real world gives you opportunities to spend hours getting ready for other things. The simple things. Why not spend a ton of time getting ready to go out to lunch with an old friend? Or even through on a cute outfit for the grocery store? A hair appointment?

This is my new goal. Whether or not I’m making myself sound like a total slob, I don’t care. I want to spend more time getting ready for simple trips out (and not just extravagant nights out with friends). First of all, who knows who I’m going to meet when I waltz over to the grocery store to buy red peppers? Second of all, the mere satisfaction of feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin is worth all of the extra effort in the world.

I’m not about to say appearance is everything. I don’t ever want to be someone I’m not (lord knows I’m no Paris Hilton, wear-heels-into-the-gas-station type of person). But I am the type of person who wants to feel wonderful. So why not throw on some funky tights, a cute dress and a pea-coat to hit lunch with ma (instead of those ol’ yoga pants)? I’m not going to deny myself any more opportunities to feel good and look great while I’m doing it.

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