Baggin' Out: Kimchi Blue Tooled Leather Lady Bag

Anyone who reads my columns knows that I’m a girly-girl. Pink bows, fluffy teddy bears – the whole nine yards of girly. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found the Tool Leather Lady Bag by Kimchi Blue. Not only is it made of PINK leather, it’s embossed with dainty florals AND has the words “lady” in the name. SOLD!
The embossed leather on this purse is just divine. It’s a unique touch and also makes the bag look like it’s made of brocade from a distance. The top flap is croc-embossed brown leather, which provides a super interesting contrast with the pink. There are two carrying options for this purse: the top-handle or the adjustable shoulder strap, both in pink leather. The handles are actually reinforced, so don’t worry about busting them off. The bag is standard satchel-size, at 11′ L x 10′ H x 3.25′ D. It has a nice, boxy shape and sturdy build to hold the classic “satchel” shape no matter what you stuff it with.

As for storage, the back actually has a zip pocket, which I find perfect for a cell phone and lipgloss. You know, things you want to grab quickly! The interior is fully-lined, with one back zip-pocket and a few organizer slip pockets. Is it just me or does this seem to be pretty standard for purses now? Anyways, it’s always better to have too many pockets than not enough!

I can imagine this bag being worn by a few different types of women. Firstly, a business gal, dressed in a cream blouse with a pussybow at the neck and wide, flared dress pants. The satchel shape is work-friendly but also shows her playful side. This bag would also look divine on a student, wearing a plaid button-down, her fave skinny jeans and a pair of moto boots. Lastly, what about a girl out for the evening in a LBD!
If you’re any of the above, or have fallen hard for the Kimchi Blue Tooled Leather Lady Bag like me, it’s on sale right now at Urban Outfitters for just under $70!.

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