Single Girl Society: You're Not Crazy, You're Just Single

So Glamour magazine tells you you’re supposed to wear sexy underwear even if you’re staying in for the night, and your mother says you’re supposed to keep an open mind — even if that means going on a blind date with a family friend who you’re pretty sure used to get high on cleaning products — and people keep telling you you’re the crazy one?
Lesson #48 – You’re not crazy, you’re just single.
As single girls, every now and then someone is bound to call you crazy. Sometimes it’s warranted, like when you’re screaming at your ex outside a bar only to realize it’s just a guy who looks like your ex from far away (and with drunk goggles on), and sometimes it’s not-so-warranted, like when you pass on the party everyone’s been talking about simply because you don’t feel like putting on makeup. I mean, there is, after all, a difference between crazy and lazy. Needless to say, at some point in our single lives, we’re going to feel like we’ve not only lost control, but are spinning further and further away from reality.
There are already enough stigmas that come with being single. Whether it’s the cat-lady cliché, or the neurotic perfectionist with unreasonable expectations, it seems that crazy always finds its way into the connotations of being single. So let me just take the time to say it right now: You are not crazy, you’re just single.
How is it that if a guy loves being single he’s considered mysterious or a free spirit, but if a girl loves the single life, she’s got to be crazy? In there is anything pop culture has taught us, it’s that there is no norm for crazy anymore. From 72-day marriages, to breakup albums that avenge those who broke your heart, who knows what normal is anymore?
While you may not have the luxury of not caring what anyone says about you, you are single after all. Be who you are, even if no one else gets it. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else, your happiness should be your primary concern. If dancing around your apartment to Jessie J in your over-sized sweatpants is your idea of a big night, then ignore the girls who are calling you crazy because you don’t want to be felt up by frat guys who mix booze with self-importance instead.
We’re all a little crazy, but don’t allow people to make you feel that way just because you aren’t living a life that’s identical to theirs.
Got it? Feel empowered? Good. Now get the first 47 rules of the Single Girl Society

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