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Ten Things I Miss About High School


At the time, I took high school way too seriously. If I could visit my 16-year-old self in a time machine, I would promptly slap her and tell her to calm down. Now I wish I could reverse the clock and have a million times more fun. Needless to say, I miss quite a few things from high school.

1. Minimal homework. Remember back in the day when 10 algebra problems was the perfect way for your teacher to ruin your weekend? Now remember that ridiculous lab report you have due in two days and cry a little.

2. No bills. Okay, maybe your parents asked for you to pay the extra $15 for unlimited texting, or maybe even your car insurance… But with no rent, no utilities, and no groceries to buy every weekend, life was so easy.

3. The school cafeteria. If you think I’m talking about the food, you are kidding yourself. Cafeteria food is, universally, bad cafeteria food. I’m talking about the tables: it didn’t matter if they were divided by clique, all that mattered was that all your friends were found collectively in one place.

4. Lockers. I can’t be the only girl who wrapped her locker door in wrapping paper as a seasonal decoration. I miss these little faux-cubbies.

5. Goofing off during class. Maybe it was just my school, but it always seemed like every class had about 10-30 minutes of down time every single day. This was the perfect opportunity to draw cutesy graffiti on the desks, trade mix CDs with my BFF, or secretly text my friends in other classes underneath the desk. And, ok, those things happen in college too.

6. Rebelling against dress codes. I went to a Catholic school and while we didn’t have a uniform, we did have a pretty strict code of what we could and could not wear. It was always a splendid moment to make it through the day breaking dress code and not get a detention.

7. Working a part-time weekend job and feeling rich. Getting a $200-300 paycheck every month was like angels showering me with gold coins.

8. Myspace. Say what you will, I miss my days as a carefree 16-year-old. Myspace bulletin surveys and emo-tastic pictures. Those were the days.

9. the High School parking lot. At my school, there was a part that the seniors always claimed as “Seniors Only” and any Junior or Sophomore who dared park there was immediately taught a lesson. Also, parking lots are prime hang-out locations for wannabe hoodlums. We felt so tough.

10. Football games. Football games in college are massive affairs. In high school, there was always something a little hokey and retro about the football games, from the 1970s-era stands to the band. So quaint.