Facts vs. Fiction: Going to School in Florida

I spent this past summer in New York City, and I met a lot of people. When I told them I went to school in Florida, they acted like I was an alien. I was no longer allowed to complain how hot it was during a HEAT WAVE because “Aren’t you used to the heat? You’re from FLORIDA!”  So I’m going to clear up some rumors about going to school in Florida, and then I’m going to go back to lying on the beach.

Fiction: We don’t own pants.

Fact: We own pants.

I own lots of pants. I actually own more jeans than shorts. It gets chilly here in the winter, and sometimes I go awhile without shaving my legs. So I need pants to cover up that mess.

Fiction: We don’t go to class; we just go to the beach.

Fact: I haven’t been to the beach in a LONG time because of class.

Professors at my school know the tricks. They schedule exams for Mondays or Fridays to make it impossible for students to take three-day weekends for some fun in the sun. Also let me clear up that not all of Florida is a beach. I have to drive an hour to get to an ocean.

Fiction: We have class in a pool.

Fact: We have classROOMS.

If I had class in a pool, I would probably take more than the minimum amount of credits to be a full-time student. Instead, we have boring old classrooms with carpet from the 1700s, just like you do.

Fiction: We are all crazy about Disney World.

Fact: No we aren’t.

I have friends who haven’t even been to Disney, and they have lived in Florida their whole lives. (However, I do love going to Disney. It’s just SO magical.)

Fiction: We wear flip-flops during winter.

Fact: We wear old, out-of-style Uggs just like you do.

I love pulling on my Uggs in November, even if it’s only 55 degrees. They keep my toes warm and make me feel like I go to a school with real seasons.

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