How to Work Off That Thanksgiving Muffin-Top

It’s getting to that time of the year. The pounds of turkey. The heaps of stuffing. The mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmm. You get the picture.
Let me just tell you that it’s not going to be a big deal. Sure, Thanksgiving is a food-heavy holiday, but I can assure you that one day of splurging isn’t going to hurt you! If you’re going to eat a lot, then at least be sure that you’re going to make up for it on the other days of the year. Seriously. Oh, and throw in this awesome cardio burst & ab move into the rest of your routine and I can guarantee you won’t feel as guilty in your turkey hangover.
1. Plank Jacks – CARDIO
Begin in a plank position. Remember to keep your hands directly under your shoulders, have a straight line from head to toe and squeeze your ab muscles. You’re going to hop both feet out so that they’re about 2-3 feet away from each other and back in to complete one plank jack. You’ll repeat this movement for one minute.
What’s a plank? Click here.
2. Push ups – UPPER BODY
Now, there are so many ways to do a push up. On your knees, on your toes, single-handed, explosive, clapping, traveling…the list is endless! Choose your favorite and give me 3 sets of 10.
Need push up ideas? Skim through this video – his version of “easy” push ups make me seem like a baby. Just wait til you see the “extremely hard” push ups.
3. Extended Arm Russian Twists – ABS
Begin in a seated position. Lift your legs that your calves are parallel to the ground. Bring your arms directly in front of your chest. Keep your back straight and chest lifted. Drop your right hand down to the ground and then squeeze your core to bring it back up. Do the same with your left hand. To add more intensity, simply add weights or extend your legs all the way straight into the air.
Give me 3 sets of 15.

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