Twitter Reminisces on Your Favorite Movie Quotes

I was a freshman in college when Wedding Crashers came out. Granted on its own it was a funny movie, worthy of rewatching and quoting, but when you toss together a few thousand freshmen looking — nay, dying — to have something in common with the greater community, the script from Wedding Crashers practically became our second language. A way to discern a kindred spirit on campus. Suddenly, it was nothing to hear the label Stage Five Clinger tossed around liberally in the dorm. Meeting guys at parties and asking their major usually resulted in some answer involving a maple syrup conglomerate in Vermont. Baba ganoush became an acceptable term of endearment.

It seems like quoting movies, both current and older ones, has morphed into this whole other form of communication. Like, wanna know how cool you are? See if you can have an entire conversation using only Rob Burgundy or Zoolander-isms. Today Twitter recognized this when the hastag #moviequotemonday started trending. Here are our 20 favorite…see if yours made the list!

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