Reasons Why You Should Probably Kiss Your Future Husband

I’m convinced everyone thinks about their wedding day. Even if it’s an event you can’t picture taking place for another 15 years, you’ve at least considered the possibility that it could happen. And when you imagine this most sacred of days, you likely also wonder who you’ll be standing up there with. He (or she) will be wildly attractive, that’s obvious. They’ll be brilliant and funny and love puppies, also a duh. But will they be a good kisser? Of course! Wait…right?
Some couples wait to take the big plunge until after they’re lawfully wed. Please note that when I say “big plunge,” I’m not talking about sex. That’s right, in certain religious communities and social spheres, it’s somewhat commonplace to wait until your wedding day before so much as kissing your future husband or wife.
We don’t think putting off the First Kiss milestone is necessarily the best way to go. While it can be a sweet concept (we think), in reality it’s completely impractical and absurd. Here’s why:
1. Everyone has encountered a bad kisser somewhere along their dating path. Thankfully, you didn’t encounter them at the altar. Instead of hitching yourself to an over-enthusiastic face licker, go ahead and test the goods beforehand.
2. There’s just no sexual chemistry. Rarer, but still possible: the person you’ve been lusting after was more lust-worthy in your head. And usually it takes a make-out sesh to figure this out.
3. Figuring sex out on your honeymoon would be a big enough pain in the…not butt. Why toss a Beginners Kissing 101 lesson in there, too? Ugh, complicated!
4. A combination of all these reasons, as vividly exhibited here.

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