Sex in the News: What's Wrong With Being Unmarried and Childless?

So the economy sucks. Graduating with a university degree no longer means you’re a catch when it comes to job hunting, meaning more grads are moving in with their parents. Moving in with your parents and not having money means you’re taking longer to settle into relationships and therefore get married. For a lot of people this will also mean you’re taking longer to have kids, if at all. And everyone seems to be holding this against women.
A study done by Australian researchers shows women who do not have children are at a greater risk for poor health than mothers. Some women with pre-existing health conditions that would discourage them from having children were included in this survey, therefore increasing the number of childless women with poor health. However, overall, women who have not popped out children may have trouble with social functioning and mental health as a result of societal pressures to have children. I’m sure you could relate if you sat next to your old aunt at Thanksgiving that measures accomplishments by the presence of a ring on your finger and a stroller in front of you.
So women in Australia are feeling the pressure when they’re not having kids. Jump continents to China and unmarried women are the ones feeling the strain. The Chinese government is telling women if they are not married by 30 they’ll be spinsters. Shen Ru, meaning “leftover women,” is being used as a derogatory phrase to describe unmarried women over 27 that are urban and career focused. Yes, future grads you too can be last week’s cold turkey even if you’re accomplished in other ways.
Even though there is a surplus of single men in China, they aren’t receiving any of the heat. As a result, many young women are not acting in their best personal interest out of fear they will not be able to find a partner, thus becoming undesirable as they age.
With all the leaps women have made over the last hundred years it still seems we’ve got a long way to go. One jump forward, one step back.

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