10 Men We Think Fathered the New Kardashian Baby

Just when you thought all that Kardashian hoopla was over, things take another turn arguably for the worst. Oldest sibling Kourtney has announced that she and baby daddy Scott Disick are expecting their second child! Whilst most people don’t love baby Mason like I do (hello, he’s the most well dressed baby to date! Take that Suri!), the idea of another Kardashian and another Disick on this earth makes even the bravest [wo]men sigh in irritation.
Well turn that frown upside down. We here at CC have reason to believe Disick isn’t the dad!  Who are our sources, you ask? Mind your own business, we answer.
So before the next K-alliteration name is introduced and live-birth episode airs, let’s play a little game I will call “Scott Isn’t The Dad.”
Extremely inapropriate and rude? Maybe. But that’s never stopped me before. Below are 10 possible fathers of the next addition in the Kardashian Kingdom. Oh no, now I’m doing it too.


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