Ask A Roommate: Bringing the Bar Home

Your RA told you the first week of school that there was to be absolutely no drinking in the dorms. No beer, no vodka, no 4Loko, no shots, no power hours. Did everyone listen to the RA after that rule was so unjustly implemented? Of course not. Pre-gaming doesn’t happen over glasses of water.
But what happens when you prefer to keep your room alcohol-free and your roommate wants to turn it into a college bar at happy hour? Or vice versa. The fact that there’s a clear-cut “right” answer to this dilemma doesn’t make it any easier to solve. You shouldn’t have booze in your room, we all know that. But one of you really, really want to just mix up a rum and coke while you straighten your hair Friday night.
Once again, Marysa’s here to lend a helping hand with this all too common roommate problem…
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