Before and After Photoshop: New Software Reveals All

For those of you who watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night, have you guilted yourself into skipping your usual morning Peppermint Mocha? Watching beautiful women prance around with perfect bodies in barely-there underwear can definitely have that effect on your diet. While it may seem easy to compare your pale, non-summer body and flat hair to the tanned and toned physiques of the Angels, consider cutting yourself a little slack.
It’s already been revealed how completely ridiculous the VS models’ eating and exercising regimen is in the weeks up to the big event. (No consuming anything, even water, 24 hours prior to the show…say what!?) Regular people don’t live their lives like that. Aside from being excruciatingly difficult, it’s plain ol’ unhealthy.
Truth time: Even celebs bodies aren’t what they appear to be in magazines. Want proof and a confidence boost? Check out this new Photoshop-detecting software that can tell how manipulated an image has been. The before and afters will shock you! Really want an eye-opener? Toggle the images for Kim Kardashian. Wow.

Web Spy: Litfy
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