Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Ashley Greene is Cute and Classic

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving did a bit of a number on my body. After exercising regularly and eating moderately healthy for a couple of months, I went home and proceeded to gorge myself for approximately four days straight. The end result – a food baby. So while usually I’m all about sleek, bodycon ensembles, this week, I wanted to find a fashionable but forgiving ensemble, and luckily, the lovely Ashley Greene (the best Cullen?) delivered.

silk shirt – Gaiam – $49.99// gray blazer – Kohl’s, $35.00//denim trousers – Nordstrom, $43.90//purple pumps – Endless, $39.95//black bag – Kohl’s, $34.50

This cream colored silk shirt is loose, without being unflattering or creating an awkward silhouette.   Wide leg trousers have been making a huge comeback this year, and I love that they’re in denim form as well, for a more casual look. It’s also nice to see the pendulum swing away from making jeans as tight as humanly possible. A gray blazer adds some structure and definition to add a more chic element. A classic black leather(ish) bag never fails as an accessory, and rich purple pumps add a splash of color. This is a great laid back look that is relaxed while still being cute and stylish.

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Reality Stars We Hate to Admit We Love
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