Nice Guys are Douchebags Too

We’ve all met them. Guys who appear to be nice, wholesome, respectful-of-women types, and then they do something awful. Maybe it’s a guy you were BFF with and totally adored, but he friend-zoned you and told you he wasn’t looking for a relationship, but then was dating a super hot girl two weeks later.
Or maybe he’s like one of these guys who we all thought were okay until they pulled a super douche move and got the world to hate them.
1. Ashton Kutcher
We fell in love with his prankster sense of humor when he did Punk’d and made Justin Timberlake cry. I thought it was sweet that when he married Demi Moore, assumed the step-dad role and appeared to be good at it. Now he’s apparently cheated on Demi and they are getting divorced. What were you thinking Ashton? She’s a hot cougar!
2. Doug Hutchison
I was and still am a huge LOST fan. Why couldn’t Doug keep the image I had of him/his character a nice, clean image? He just had to go off a marry a 16-year-old (have we decided if she is actually 16 yet?) and make the world see him as a creep.
3. Kris Humphries
When I learned Kim was engaged, I was happy because now she may stop complaining about being the only sister without a family. Then I saw the wedding special and learned what a d-bag Kris is. I was not surprised that they got divorced, and I am on Kim’s side 100%.
4. Seth Cohen
Now he was only a douche for a few episodes, but still. Why was nerd-cute Seth sneaking out of his house, drinking and being a bad boy for a girl who liked girls? Leave the bad boy stuff to Ryan, Seth.
5. Jersey Shore’s Vinny
I always thought he was the nicest of the Jersey Shore guys. He loves his family, and he was the most respectful of women. Well now, he wrote a douchey rap song…

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