This Post Grad Life: Growing Apart

Yesterday, I went out for a late night happy hour with one of my greatest girlfriends. We sat down in a booth, ordered up our California red wine, some pommes frites and got to talking. Happy Hour, might I mention, will be your favorite activity come real world. At happy hour, you discuss life’s difficult moments, relationships and friendships–all to the deepest degree.
Lately, I’ve been noticing something about these happy hours. I jump on them with all of my friends. New friends, old friends, friends from college, friends from high school, friends from work…and I realized something. My friend groups are slowly growing apart. Like a cell, they are pulling themselves away from each other and bouncing into two different worlds where they are altogether different.
In one group, are my college girlfriends. They were the lovely ladies I chose to spend the heftiest chunk of my four years in college with. They share drunken escapades with me, long stories of nights in the library, silly adventures sprouted from hunger, ambition and craved adventure.
In another group, are my newest friends. They are the lovely ladies I have chosen to spend my post-college life with. They share more recent drunken escapes with me, long afternoons in our favorite coffee shop full of recapping old college stories and new ones alike, silly adventures sprouted from a sense of eager ambition, craved adventure and a blank and exciting future.
They are pretty much the same relationships right? So you mean nothing really EVER changes? You guessed it, that’s totally not true. These new post grad friendships and the ones I held so dearly in college have evolved. My college girlfriends have all found men they plan on marrying. They talk about the cuts of wedding rings and their jobs in the office. They are busy and crazy successful, I’m proud of every single one of them. But since my life has changed, my college friendships have carefully drifted up up and away. I’m envisioning the scene in Titanic after the last bit of the ship went under water and Jack and Rose drifted apart in the ocean. They came back together of course, but lost each other for a fiercely cold moment in time.
I’m a flight attendant now. My week by week schedule changes as quickly as a young boy in puberty. I never know what I’m going to be doing day to day or where I’ll be. I’m single and comfortable with it. I have no idea what color my bridesmaid dresses are going to be, I’m not building a home with my boyfriend and, even though I totally know what cut my wedding ring is going to be, I don’t have anyone to share it with (quite yet). These differences have pulled me away from my college girlfriends but have brought me increasingly closer to a new group of girls I’ve found to love.
My post-grad girlfriends are all single, I met them through my new job and we have so much in common it almost freaks me out. We laugh in the name of marriage, love to go out and have fun. Finding this new group of ladies has fulfilled me with personal hope–that there are people out there (my age) that are still like me rooting for a single life out in the town, a hopeful future and lots of crazy stories and juicy laughs.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my college girlfriends. I will always love them with all my heart. But sometimes, I have to accept that my future may be going a different direction than theirs (even if it’s at a slower rate). And that’s OK. Because there are girls out there who share the same beliefs and stories as I do at this very moment. There are woman out there who want to live life and view the world the way I do.

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