Meet the Unknown Grammy Nominees of 2012

What was more important last night, America? Watching the Christmas Tree lighting or hearing your favorite artists’ announced as nominees for the 54th Grammy’s? Apparently, I thought neither, and opted for cocktails instead. Whoops.
Anyway… some of our favorites were on there once, some more than twice and some almost took over the whole freakin’ show (cough, Adele, cough). But seriously, I hope you win. A lot. Every award. Seriously.
But while we’re super pleased to see that our favorite party rockin’ anthems, heartbreak hymns and bumpin’ and grindin’ smooth jams made the cut, there were a lot of names and songs on the list this year that I didn’t recognize. So I went ahead and assumed that maybe our readers might not know them either.
We complied a big, fat list of all the nominees we thought might be helpful to know about before the Grammy’s air February 12th on CBS. Since some of these guys, gals and groups are people we’re unfamiliar with, we figured it would be fun to get to know these nominees in the typical kinky, we-want-to-know-all-your-dirty-laundry CollegeCandy kind of way. (What I should have told myself was “dream on, Kylie,” because all the juicy dirt on these artists remains well hidden.) 
There were, however, a ton of categories that we left out so if you’re planning on hiring a hit man because I skipped Best Contemporary Gospel Record of 2011, bite your tongue for a second. You can see a complete list of all Grammy categories and nominees here.
And now, the nominees for….

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