3 Reasons You're Going to Want This Windows Mouse

A few weeks ago, Microsoft sent over their new Touch Mouse and lucky for me, I got to test drive, err, use it. Designed explicitly for Windows 7, the sleek design spent two years in its creation, which is way longer that I’ve bothered to devote to any other relationship.
I should say that when it comes to mice, I’m not much of a stickler for capabilities aside from asking myself the most important questions: “Does it work?” and “How much?” So I spent a little QT with my mouse in order to give it the review it deserves. Let me tell you, I was impressed.
1. It fits in my hand perfectly. And I mean perfectly. Not many people can say that about a mouse, huh? All college long I relied on my track-pad to click me from here to there. My fingers got tired and annoyed. The wonderful thing about this mouse is that it cushions my palm and is comfortable for my fingers. Another bonus: the design of the mouse is longer than most so that the entire length on my fingers (down to the tips!) is accounted for.
2. There’re really no strings attached. Which, if you’re still into N*Sync, is a huge deal. I know tons of mice have come out that are cordless but the Touch Mouse goes above and beyond the regular. Often, the cordless mice that we buy are cheap and need to be pointed at the screen in order to work… or you have to continuously navigate the mouse until it’s ready to work. Not with the Touch mouse. I held it at every angle on my desk and surprise; it still works as perfectly as if it was connected.
3. New and improved technology allows the mouse to be [successfully] used on any surface. So if I’m vegging out on the couch and I’m too lazy to reach forward for a sturdy surface, it’s fine. The advanced design that took two years to create allows you to use the mouse on basically any surface imaginable. Take that, rug… and futon and comforter!
If you’re like me, then all the little nuances that accompany your electronic gadgets don’t really matter all that much. But then you get a really well-made, well-loved gadget and it’s clear what sets it apart from the others.
Because we liked them so much, Microsoft outfitted our Windows-supported computers with the Microsoft Touch mouse, which was created exclusively for Windows 7. So if you’re a 7-user like some of us at CC HQ are, we definitely suggest that you tap into your Happy Hour fund for one of these babies!
This is a sponsored post and part of Microsoft’s Windows Champions Program. I received incentives from Microsoft to blog about its products.

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