Brandyn Burnette's Mashup of Bruno Mars and Gavin Degraw

Have you ever been stuck in a funk that, even though your friends are concerned and your finals are creeping up, you really just don’t want to get out of it just yet? Like you just want to crawl into your Snuggie with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and while listening to a song that articulates your inexpressible feelings so perfectly?

Let me tell you, as a newly single girl, I know the feeling. I thought I practically invented this ritual until I realized that this guy named Brandyn Burnette is actually exploiting it by mashing together two of the most overplayed tracks on my “Feel Sorry for Myself” playlist.
Burnette released the video for ‘Rain Over You’—a mashup of ‘It Will Rain’ by Bruno Mars (from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack) and Gavin Degraw’s ‘Not Over You.’ He’s an NYU student who’s already made Internet waves with viral covers of Demi Lovato and Lil Wayne, and thankfully, he’s signed to Warner Bros Records and currently working on his debut album.
But until that’s released, enjoy the video below. Over and over again. Heartstrings, beware.
Have you heard of Brandyn Burnette before? And am I missing out on any other amazing YouTube cover artists?!

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Who's Who in Your Study Group?
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