10 Signs You’re the Annoying Facebook Friend

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Facebook. One day you’re cursing Zuckerberg for the barely existent privacy settings and the next day you’re praising him for those same lax settings. After all, it’s pretty hard to creep on your crush when you can’t find him on Facebook. How can love ever blossom if you don’t even know the last time he m-uploaded? But the worst thing about Facebook isn’t the privacy issues and it isn’t the fact your Grandma now has Farmville in her vocabulary. No, it’s those annoying people who dominate your newsfeed. And the worst thing is, they could be anyone. A frenemy, an old elementary school friend, your best friend or even (dun dun dun), YOU!

Scared? Read on and see if you are the annoying Facebook friend.

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