Current Events Cheat Sheet: School of Sex?

Herman Cain, a Republican candidate in the 2012 presidential race, announced the end of his campaign on Saturday. Cain, a former businessman with little political experience, started at the way bottom of the GOP pack- but in the last few months, he slowly became the frontrunner. It wasn’t long, though, before female coworkers from his past came forward accusing him of sexual harassment and poll numbers started to drop. During his announcement, Cain blamed his decision on “the continued distraction” and “the continued hurt to me and my family” from the accusations. Cain would be in trouble even if not for the sex scandal. He’s said a number of super silly things, such as referring to Michele Bachmann as tutti-frutti, asking ‘How do you say delicious in Cuban?’ (um… does he mean Spanish?), and calling any man who orders a veggie pizza a sissy. There goes the vegetarian vote.
Young Iranian protestors stormed the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday.  Nobody was hurt, thank goodness, but the protestors did replace the British flag with Iran’s flag, set cars on fire, threw Molotov cocktails and ransacked several rooms in the embassy. Why’d they do it? There isn’t a specific reason, but analysts have a few guesses. One, a few weeks ago Britain decided to fine Iran over their nuclear program. Another possible reason is the anniversary of the death of a famous Iranian nuclear scientist, for which Britain may be responsible. Also, Iran just doesn’t really like the Brits, their former colonial masters. Right now, Britain doesn’t like Iran much either.
American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection last week, also known as Chapter 11 protection. Why’d they have to do it? Short answer: the economy. Longer answer: growing debt from expensive union contracts, less travel, and high fuel costs. American Airlines is the last high profile airline to file for bankruptcy, so congratulations to them?
You can now enroll at the Austrian International School of Sex and graduate with a degree in applied sexuality. “We teach hands on,” says the website. The school is located in Vienna, and each semester costs about $1,900. Way, way ,way less than my current school, but there’s no accreditation, and a degree in applied sexuality? What kind of job do you get with that? The classes include “Sexual Techniques,” “Advanced Intercourse,” and “History of Sex,” and students are boarded in co-ed dormitories “to make doing homework a little easier.” I wonder… how will the students be graded? Watch a commercial for the school here (Not Suitable For Class…) to more fully understand what it’s all about.
Pic o’ the Week:
Win McNamee- Getty Images
It’s not Christmas yet, but it’s definitely Christmastime. Workers installed the Capitol Christmas Tree, a 65-foot white fur from California, last Monday.

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