The Ultimate Regifter's Gift Basket [Giveaway]


It’s that magical time of year when all of your friends and family shower you with gifts and love and envelopes filled with  cash.

Scratch that.

It’s that horrible time of year when you’re forced to spend all your free time looking for special and unique and budget-friendly gifts for everyone you’ve ever met. And what do you get in return for all your hard work? A lotion set from the drug store and a fleece pajama set that you grandma got at some discount store. Well that’s not happening this year. Why? Because we’ve collected an amazing assortment of gifts that you can REGIFT to everyone you know.

Check them out in the gallery below and then scroll down to see how to enter.

We have everything from a cake pop maker to a purse to a DVD set. So now, after hearing that,  you’re dying to win, right? Okay here’s how. Click on THIS LINK and follow the instructions very carefully. The contest closes on Dec. 8th at 11:59 PM and is sadly only open to US residents. Official rules here. Good luck!

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Yale Sex Week Attempts to Make a Comeback
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