The Weekly Ten: Reasons Why I Don't Want Kids

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I’m currently a nanny to an adorable (when sleeping) four-month old baby boy. Before taking this job, two and half months ago, I thought I wanted kids. I now realize I do not want kids, at least not for a really really (huge emphasis on really here) long time.
They are smelly, cry a lot, and think screaming should be some kind of cruel game meant to torture you.
My 12 hour days have become a constant reminder to take precautionary measures when things get heated. No way am I getting stuck with a lumpy chunk-a-lunk while I’m still a kid myself! And yes, I know, kids are precious and should be treasured, all that yaddie yadda junk…but having a kid before you are ready isn’t always the best idea (although I do have friends who have proved me wrong…but they are exceptional cases).
So in lieu of the utterly horrible day I had yesterday, which may or may not involved me crying, here are ten reasons why babies are not my favorite:

I admit babies do have their cute moments, mostly while sleeping or the ten minutes of happiness they allot themselves a day. But as of right now I firm on my stance to avoid having one of those things for myself. The bad greatly out weigh the good, plus… I am not ready to give up alcohol for nine months.

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