Ask a Roommate: Why is My Roommate a Drunk Mess?

If you have the type of roommate who stumbles in drunk at 3am, gives you sad puppy eyes, asks for help taking off her boots and then voms in the trash bin next to your desk, then hot damn do we feel for you. Even if you yourself are buzzed from the night’s festivities, there’s really nothing to soften to blow of knowing you’re going to be awake babysitting a 21 year old…all night. Undressing her and tossing her in the shower, carrying her to her bed, making sure she sleeps on her side…is her mom going to send you $40 and a Thank You note at the end of the semester? Sh*t’s more rigorous that when you looked after those 5 year-old twins back in high school!
It’s one thing if this is a rare occurrence — after all, what are friends for? — but if you find yourself, weekend after weekend, falling asleep to the smell of SoCo and puke, then you need to put a stop to it! Marysa chimes in this week on what to do if your roommate is a hotmess and you’re left playing the part of babysitter/mom/nurse.
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Candy Dish: Rolling in the Deep
Candy Dish: Rolling in the Deep
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