Sexy Time: Bringing Sexy Back with Dr. Jen Landa [Interview]

A couple of weeks ago, my editor forwarded me a fierce press release and asked me if I wanted to interview Dr. Jennifer Landa. She’s a gynecologist/entrepreneur who specializes in helping ladies get their sexy back. She encourages her patients to make healthy lifestyle choices – working from the inside out – in order to have a more fulfilling and exciting sex life. How could I not take the opportunity to talk to someone whose entire career is based on empowering women to have better sex?

Why did you go into your field?
So many of my patients had complaints that were so frustrating to take care of. The tools in my tool box weren’t working well. Hormones don’t address the problems with my patients, anything from PMS to low libido. So many women suffered, but I wasn’t well equipped. I was looking at ways to help patients by studying lasers and injectables. I did more research and came to realize the best way to attack the problems is to start from the inside out. Make changes in your appearance, your energy, your mood through nutritional supplements and through hormonal balance. Better energy, better sex drive, and overall quality of life.
What’s the most common problem your patients face?
Fatigue is one of the most common, as well as inability to sleep, lose weight, and sex drive. 
Do college aged women often have sex drive problems?
I had problems with my libido starting at 28 years old. I do see younger women with trouble with energy and  sleeping, nutritional problems, and a poor sex drive. The biggest problem that causes all these issues is stress. Stress is a sex-killer and energy killer. Improving your stress management and nutritional care can improve your health. Eating fast food is a stress. Keeping your blood sugar more stable and keeping your meals balanced makes a huge difference in college aged women.
Why do sexual relationships go sour?
Especially in terms of women, if we’re not happy with our partner, we’re not going to be amorous. A lot of people don’t realize their relationship isn’t what they wanted. I frequently have women who come in and think it’s hormonal, but they tell me they’re not happy with their partners, sexually. When we talk about it in depth, and they realize they’re not feeling it, I make referrals for counseling. The large majority of the women I treat are in their 40s and 50s, and the novelty as worn off, and you’re busy building your own lives and careers. The biggest most important thing is that couples need to make the time to be intimate. Scheduling date nights and scheduling good sex is important. It’s so unromantic, but everything else in your life is on a schedule too.
What is the anxiety you come across most frequently?
I have to talk to women and couples about the expectation of the orgasm. A lot of women think they’re not having good sex if they’re not having an orgasm, or if they don’t have a vaginal orgasm. The estimates are that orgasms with no clitoral stimulation is at 20 percent. The women who have those are outside the norm. They’re the lucky exception.

Straight from a doctor’s mouth, orgasms are not the end-all/be-all. Take the pressure off yourself to reach an epic finish, and just enjoy the journey. And in case you needed another reason to work out, eat more healthily, take time to relax, and remember your vitamins, just think of how sexy all of those great lifestyle changes can help you feel. If you are interested in more of Dr. Landa’s philosophy, she has a book coming out in February.  I’ll definitely be checking it out,  because if 2012 is indeed our last year on earth, I want it to be sexy as humanly possible.

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