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The 50 Best Actors Who Aren’t in New Years Eve


Around the holidays it seems that Hollywood believes America has no taste since we’re all practically comatose from eating and drinking too much.  Producers spew out star-studded movies like New Year’s Eve hoping that you’ll see it based on the one actor you like in it (example: I have a soft spot for Zac Efron). And, yeah, they’re right, but I also want to support the actors who aren’t in the movie. You know, the ones who made a conscious decision to avoid a dumbed-down, cliche holiday script designed to tug on our heartstrings with trite themes and an obvious plot.

As a high-five to those who have a little respect for their craft and abstain from crappy money-makers, here’s my list of 50 actors who are (thankfully!) not in New Year’s Eve.

Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. She's one of those people who loves school (or is afraid of the real world) so, she's getting her MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California. If she's not writing, then she's writing. Or if she's really not writing, she's watching Netflix (aren't we all?).