Current Events Cheat Sheet: If The Presidential Race Were A Reality Show

Russians dealt a blow to Vladimir Putin, the longtime president, in elections last week. After years of unquestionable power in Russia, Putin’s glory is finally beginning to decline. His United Russia’s Party in Parliament lost it’s grasp on the legislature, losing it’s majority of 67% to less than 50%. Without his party in power, Putin won’t be able to get things done the way he used to. And when he runs for reelection in March, he’ll face a steeper uphill battle. Some think this is the beginning of a ‘Russian Spring,’ with young people uprising against the government the way they did in the Middle East earlier this year. Putin must think so too, because he ordered students to school on a Saturday to prevent them from gathering. School on a Saturday? Oh helll nooo. Not the way to win students’ approval…

A gunman shot and killed a Virginia Tech university police officer on Thursday, then turned the gun on himself. The event happened only four years after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, when 33 people were killed by a disturbed student. The school immediately went on lockdown when the murdered officer Deriek Crouse was discovered. Authorities issued the all-clear four hours later when they found the shooter dead in a nearby parking lot, apparently by his own hand.

A presidential debate scheduled to be moderated by Donald Trump is causing drama within the Republican Party. The event is supposed to be on December 27th, but as that date approaches, candidates are dropping out like players in a never-ending game of beer pong. Ron Paul said the debate would be undignified and “circus-like.” John Huntsman also declined, and famous GOP strategist Karl Rove said it should be cancelled. Newt Gingrich, the current frontrunner, is in though. To me, this sounds like it would be extremely entertaining to watch… so I say why not? Whenever someone says something stupid, the Donald can fire them! And then they can be ejected from the stage! Clearly I have a future in television.

Pic o’ the Week:

REUTERS/ Phil Noble

Male- and female!- Santas ran a 5K in Liverpool, England. I know it’s cold out, but I would not want to run in that outfit!

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