Dude’s List: 11 Things Men Should NEVER Say To A Woman

There are things you shouldn’t say and then there are things you just DON’T, F*CKING, SAY! Men have learned the hard way when they put their foot in their mouths and their heads up their asses — and sometimes both at the same time (it might be listed as a special skill). Some guys just don’t get it, though. They just keep digging. See, we say one thing wrong then we try to cover and say something right, which ends up being something worse. We aren’t all conscious of our misogyny. We aren’t all aware when we let out that inner pig. Here are 11 things that no man should ever say to a woman, in hopes that it may save one young man from a moment he’ll wish for a giant shark to leap out of the wall and gobble him up.

How painful was that? A pinprick or an impaling? Guys screw up. Guys lose track of their filter. They step in it. Big time. At least occasionally. Show this list to your man and school him. It’s certainly designed to help, not hinder.  Did I miss anything? What are some of the worst things a guy’s ever said and things that he should never say? Fire away in the comments section below!

These lips are sealed,

The Dude

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