Five Fierce Facebook Competitors

When the almighty Facebook was first created, it was intended to be a network devoted to fostering connections with future classmates (and friends) at your future school. Fast forward a few years and Facebook is a melting pot for parents, preteens, companies, celebrities and anything else you can imagine Facebook connecting you to.
Remember when MySpace was cool?  Well, as is often said around the office: MySpace is the poor man’s Facebook. Or if that doesn’t work for you, how about this: MySpace is the pedophile’s Facebook. You might prefer one to the other but both get an A for being equally acceptable judgments. Although MySpace might take the cake for the invention of the duck-beak, kissy-face photos that girls just love to post as their default.
Moral of the story: When Facebook hit the scene, America nixed MySpace quicker than Ronnie could pass on Sammi.
So, what’s next? Since the Facebook takeover was so powerful, who’s going to create the next bigger, better social networking site that sends Facebook to Internet purgatory?
We did a little research and came up with five of the best competitors that’ll have it out with Facebook in the battle for heavy weight champion of the dotcom world.
1. College Only: this social media network hopes to rekindle the original Facebook format (only with a new name and new, genius masterminds) by making its site available to college kids and college kids only. No, mom and your future employers won’t be able to scroll through your photos and find a reason not to hire you.  The only catch is that you have to have a valid university email address.
2. Path: This dotcom draws a path to connect you to your intimate friends and loved ones. You can stay in contact with the people that you choose and post photos that keep your fellow Path-ers up to date on what you’re up to. The site itself restricts you to 50 followers and you only post photos, drastically changing the dynamic of “social” networking. It’s a lot like hieroglyphics… except the 2011 version.
3. Like A Little: I suppose this one takes the stalker out of Facebook stalker. This networking site revolves around the theory that users like to flirt with each other. Well, duh. Like A Little emulated the Facebook messages format so that their users can send personalized messages to all their Internet cuties. Geared directly toward college students, you can search for hotties on your campus or through other schools. Like A Little is definitely the Shy-Guy’s college go to, but will FB beat them to the “Like A LOT” button?
4. Diaspora: Let me introduce Facebook’s biggest competitor, Diaspora. This site’s mantra is “you own your own stuff,” which caught them a lot of airtime after Facebook changed its privacy settings in 2010. The site looks and feels very much like Google+ but it is a more user-controlled environment. Apparently, it’s second in the limelight after Facebook. So in case America’s favorite social network crashes, now you know where to update your status next.
5. Collegiate Nation: Similarly to College Only, Collegiate Nation’s platform is devoted to bringing privacy back to the social networking world. The three hottest components of this website are that there is total privacy (you need to have an @edu email address in order to gain access), no advertisements and user control. So basically, everything you just read about in the four previous competitors Collegiate Nation does all in one place.
While each of these college-based networks bring their own talents to the table, none of them share the global acclaim that Facebook has generated. Since none of these sites have tickled our fancy quite like FB, we’re just going to stick with what works, sorry newbies!

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