Versatile Style: Coconuts Clooney Boot

Right now, I’m full-swing in exam mode and dreaming of the moment I can let loose and have a night out. It doesn’t need to be wild, just something fun with people I care about. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a cute outfit I can wear out with friends, while grabbing coffee or catching a movie. I’ve also realized that I’m missing shoes in the mid-casual category; shoes that are casual, but not as casual as my Chuck Taylors. Enter the Coconuts Clooney Boot!

This boot is made from synthetic microfiber and features great lace-up detail. My favorite part of this boot is the wedge heel. It’s so unexpected! It has the casualness of a desert boot, but the wedge adds a little bit of fancy. Let’s start with a daytime outfit.

This outfit is so fun! Start with your fave pair of skinnies and add a printed sweater. They’ve definitely made a comeback and are everywhere right now! Add a camel-toned satchel (extra points for a fun scarf!) and a cozy headband and you’re set!

Now for a casual date or night out friends.

A cute dress is a great starting point. The high neckline of this one is unique, but very hip and with-it; very Mad Men. Add a cutesy cardigan and bright-colored satchel to store all your goodies! For some bling add a shiny, bib-style necklace and you’re done!
The Clooney Boots by Coconuts are just so darn cute and versatile. The wedge heel isn’t too high or painful, but gives you some level of sophistication that flats or sneakers are missing. If you like them, you can pick up the Taupe shade from Piperlime for only $50!

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