In Our Makeup Bag: Clarins Holiday Eye Quartet and Rouge Prodige Lipstick

What It Is:
Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in 07 Smokey Passion and Rouge Prodige in 131 Passion Rose

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
I rarely feature collections on In Our Makeup Bag and here’s why: they are big. Most makeup collections have upwards to 10 pieces and that is just too much for this column. On top of that, the quality of all the items is usually so varied that they don’t make for a very coherent review.
Clarins is a fave brand of mine that happens to put out rather modest collections. Their latest holiday fare boasts only three items: a face powder, eye quad and a lipstick. I have both the quad and lipstick to test out, so let’s see how it goes.
How To Use It:
I’ve previously reviewed Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palettes, but this one has a slightly different set-up. Included are two eyeshadows, one powder eyeliner and a creamy highlighter. This selection makes use rather easy. Neither of the eyeshadows stands out as the lid or crease color, so you can match them any way you please! Then, line your upper (and lower if you’re going for intensity) lash line and add the highlighter to your brow bone and inner corner. Another plus: you can use all four both wet and dry!

(DRY L-R: highlighter, 2 eyeshadows, liner)

(WET L-R: highlighter, 2 eyeshadows, liner)

The lipstick is super creamy and glossy, so application is easy. I find you barely need a mirror for this, because the color is rather sheer. Just swipe on (I found two swipes to be perfect for me) and go!

131 Passion Rose

CC Rating: A-
Let me say it: Clarins has done it again! Seriously! Both the quad and lippie in this Holiday release are fabulous. The four shades and formulations in the palette fit well together and make for an easy eye look. The eyeshadows are buttery and blend great. The pigmentation is definitely increased when used wet, but the dry pigmentation is still acceptable. The lipstick is on par with the rest of the Rouge Prodige line: creamy, moisturizing and super flattering. The shade is a stunning plummy-red with gold shimmer that is slightly vampy, but wearable. I really like this shade and don’t have anything like it in my collection!
My main gripe with the collection: the highlighter shade. It’s mostly glitter suspended in a gel, which is unique, but not totally useful. On an average day, I wouldn’t wear glitter on my eyes and would have preferred this to be another eyeshadow. The two eyeshadows are nice quality, but also not the most unique colors ever. For holiday you usually expect something special, and while Clarins did put a spin on their normal palette, the bronze and taupe shades just don’t scream “Holiday!” to me. However, I do like the addition of a specific eyeliner in the palettes. This one is gorgeous: a deep brown with gold nuances that really jump out when you use it wet.
If you’re new to Clarins or looking to haul some holiday collections, this would be a great place to start.
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