So I Guess I'm Taking Tim Tebow's Virginity

Most guys get to college and lose their virginity faster than you can say “Mom, just leave already and stop reorganizing my shower caddy!” Let’s be honest, having a V-Card on top of a freshman ID card is social suicide. At least, according to all the guys who claimed to lose it their freshman year of high school (Can we all say together: yeah right!). But there are some guys that not only wait for the right girl, but they wait all the way to marriage. Like Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is famous for two things. Being an amazing football player and being a virgin. I don’t watch football, nor do I watch Virgin Diaries and even I know that. So after hearing his name nonstop this week I decided it was time to take action and take his virginity.
But only on one condition. That enough people retweet the below:
And if we define enough as 13 retweets, then it’s official. I’m taking Tim Tebow’s virginity. Tim, the ball is in your court. Call me.
While we wait for Tim and I to set a date, here are some photos of my new beau:

Jenni had way too much fun creating this photo gallery. She also had way too much confidence in her virginity-taking skills because Tebow has yet to call. You can follow her on Twitter here @MayorJenni.

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