Tuffy Luv Tells You What to Buy Your New Boy for the Holidays

Dear Tuffy Luv,
What do I get my new guy for Christmas? We’ve been dating for a month and a half. I don’t want to come on too strong but I also don’t want to look cheap. Thanks!
Dear Gifter,
Okay, I love it!
You’re totally right. You don’t want to come off as a creepster. So no, like, gold watches or new Adidas or helicopters or something. But you’re also right you don’t want to look disinterested by getting him, like, a plastic piece of poop. So walk that line!! Here are some guidelines lil’ ol’ Tuffy done thought up:
1. Keep it around $30. That’s the right amount at this stage. It’s thoughtful but not over the top.
2. Keep it personal. Think about something he told you he liked. Loves a sports team? Get him a team jersey. Extra points if you can get a signed ball. Does he like hiking? Get him a new backpack. He will be so thrilled you were listening (and you better be listening!!) and that you went out of your way to get him something he’d really love.
3. No personal hygiene products. Magazines tell you he’ll love it. Magazines lie. He wants something that’s fun. He’ll brush his teeth after the New Year.
4. Tickets are generally good. Tix to an event that HE is interested in (very important that HE is interested in the event!!!) that you can get to together is a totally sweet surprise. For the ticket thing, you can go a little over $30 if you need to, since you’ll be sharing in the gift. HOWEVER!!! Do NOT get anything too far in advance — too clingy! The event should be within the next few weeks from when he receives the gift.
5. Be genuine. Get him something because you WANT to. If you find getting him a good, personal gift to be too much of a chore, maybe it’s time to break the floop up and find someone you really care about.
Happy holidays!
Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv
Question?! Answer: Ask Tuffy Luv.

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