Did You Know…. We’re on Google+!

Do you drag your MacBook from class to class and need a new way to get through your two-hour lecture on Ancient Civilizations of the Byzantine Empire? Or do you nonchalantly sneak your iPhone out of your sweatshirt every four minutes to refresh your Facebook mini-feed? Looking for another way to follow us throughout your day? Okay, good, you’re in luck! We’re on Google+!

Well… before¬†you reread Cindy Lou-Who’s most recent where she asks the age old question: Where are You Christmas? (How many times is she going to ask that, anyway?) Or before you press snooze on your professor as he starts rambling on about the correct linguistic spelling of Byzantine that has been argued by Greek, Roman and Russian linguists over the centuries… it’s about time CollegeCandy stepped in to smooth things over. After all, you’re paying for your education, might as well learn something, right?

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