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Drunk Holiday History With Ryan Gosling


Once upon a time I was telling a friend of mine a story. It was a complex story. One involving many different people, location changes, shifts in time, a vortex of sorts, dark matter, dinosaurs, The String Theory and a pair of neon sunglasses I really, really wanted. No, I wasn’t recapping the sixth season of Lost, just my Sunday afternoon.

Somewhere around the twenty-minute mark and/or the fourth time I asked, “So, are you still following me?” my dear, wonderful audience-of-one looks at me and asks if I’ve ever watched Drunk History. Apparently (and I quote), listening to me recount my tale “was like listening to a person who just took six vodka shots to the face.” Psh, and to think I called this person a friend.

Anyway, long story short (I really love telling stories, apparently), this is how I discovered Funny or Die’s amazing web series Drunk History. If you aren’t hip to that historically-relevant amazingness yet, get with the program.

Just in time for Christmas, F or D released a new Drunk History video, featuring none other than Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey acting out the Night Before Christmas. Hold on to your bed caps, kids, and prepare to experience this classic Christmas poem as you never have before.