Candy Dish: Hump Day

Ever wondered if Facebook or Twitter can affect your hormones? 

Feeling extra sexy? Check out these naughty gifts to put on your christmas list this year.

Despite the chilly temperatures this winter, keep your love life hot and heavy with these tips for the winter.

Ever wondered who is really behind the sex phone operator?

Taking a flight to Thailand anytime soon? Do not be surprised by their new additions to the flight attendant staff!

Going on a date anytime soon? Know your Deal Breakers!

Feeling extra vocal about your sex-life lately but no one to tell? Record your experiences in a sex journal. It will keep your secrets!

Ever wondered what type of hookup you are? Don’t get too frisky for the holidays!

The Worst Sex Advice, Courtesy of My Friends
The Worst Sex Advice, Courtesy of My Friends
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