Hey Girl, Happy Hannukah

Just when you think Ryan Gosling can’t get any more amazing, he goes and gets himself a new meme. And not just any meme, it’s a Hannukah themed meme. It’s like the dreidel keeps falling on gimmel and my heart is collecting all the gelt. (Whoever understands that reference wins my last leftover Bat Mitzvah party favor. What is it? Hint: it involves a picture of me in all my 13-year-old glory.) But seriously, all rabbinical humor aside, it’s officially my favorite tumblr of the day. So do yourself a favor and check it out by clicking right here.
Jenni may or may not have printed all the photos out to give to people for presents in lieu of gifts that cost money. You can follow her on Twitter here @MayorJenni.

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