Is Britney Spears our Generation's Madonna?

“Oops she did it again,” Britney Spears skyrockets to the top gaining more than 1 million users following her on Google+, making her account the social network’s first to break the seven-figure record. Even though Google+ is only six months old, Spears’ die-hard fans did not waste any time on the new site, which allows them to keep up with the latest happenings on Spears’ life. She now has the title of “the most followed person” on Google+, outnumbering Google’s own CEO, Larry Page.
She graced the entertainment industry with her beautiful voice back in 1999 when she came out with her hit album Baby One More Time. She quickly became every young girl’s idol, including mine. Her first two albums became international hits, crediting Spears as a “pop icon” breaking all records. Her prominent stance in pop culture and music soon became a roller-coaster ride for her. From her number one hit songs and her countless awards to her drug addiction and court battles, Spears has maintained a fan base that will never leave her side. Throughouther tumultuous journey, Spears still remains on top.
Is Spears our generation’s Madonna? No matter how many times she fails she’s still loved by millions. Her highly publicized life has been in the limelight since the very beginning. She has proven to all that no matter how much fame, money and influence you have in the world, not everyone is perfect. We all make mistakes. Her mistakes have just been publicized for the whole world to see. Yet she always redeems herself. No matter how low she gets, Spears seems to bounce right back.
Her international fan base proves she has touched the lives of millions…someway, somehow. Her music will always be remembered. Just as Madonna left her mark on her generation, Spears is leaving hers on ours. The unconditional love Spears has from millions proves her legacy will always live on. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide, she has been credited as the eighth top-selling female artist in the United States, she is recognized as the best-selling female artist of the 21st century and the fifth overall. She is not only our generation’s Madonna, but also an icon, to say the least.
Let’s just admit it, the love for this legendary pop artist will never die. It’s official, she is no longer a girl, she IS a woman.
Want a reminder on why we love her? Just check out this gallery!

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