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The Most Impressive Snowmen You’ll Ever See [Photos]


My name is Jessica, and I’ve never made a snowman. I’ve only seen snow once in my life when I went to New York for Christmas one year, and my priority was not building snowmen (plus if I tried to build one in Times Square, people would keep running into it or trying to sell it tickets to a comedy show).

So, I just have to live vicariously through these people. All of these snowmen are so impressive, and they make me hate the fact that it’s December and I’m still wearing shorts.

    Jessica Zaleski is an entertainment and pop culture addict. She'll watch anything on TV and her day is made when there is a huge celeb scandal (That day when TomKat announced their divorce AND Adele announced she was pregnant was better than Jessica's birthday to her). Her favorite food is sandwiches, and cheese is a close second. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 and is currently living and working in New York City.