We Might Not Have To Keep Up With Kim Much Longer

Are you all as sick of the Kardashians as we are? I mean, it’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to turn on E! anymore, just to avoid them. Well, we aren’t the only ones. Apparently, America is totally over them as well. Except for Bruce, because really who can get sick of Bruce? The real issue seems to be with Kim as opposed to the rest of the clan, and recently, an online petition was started in an effort to sever the ties between Kim and her sponsors. The petition claims that the Kardashians have “made a mockery of American culture,” or kulture as the Kardashians would say.
Boycottkim.com has a list of all the places that sell Kardashian products or are partnered with them, and ask signers to boycott these companies until changes are made. It also calls for signers to stop watching any of the Kardashian shows (and sex tapes!) and stop reading publications about them from websites to tabloids. And you should also unfollow Kim on Twitter and unlike her on Facebook. Currently over 285,000 people have signed the petition, and it appears that companies like Sears are already taking notice.
It also talks about how Kim is a bully and includes a wall of shame with statistics like how Kim spent $400,000 on champagne at the wedding and could have helped save hungry children. Talk about a guilt trip. There’s also a list of quotes from other celebrities talking about the irrelevance of the Kardashians. You can even post on a comment wall to express your opinions about Kim.
One of the co-founders, who remains anonymous, believes that at 500,000 signatures companies will start to rethink their partnerships with Kim and the Kardashians. While it seems a little crazy to petition a celebrity, maybe this will actually help bring down the Kardashian impact. Or so we can hope. Sure, they’ve made a lot of money off of doing absolutely nothing, which is I guess the great American dream. But after Kim and Kris’s Fairytale Sham, America is angry. Share the wealth, Kardashians, or we’re going to stop yours.

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