Web Spy: SaveOnBrew

It’s no secret that college students drink a lot of beer. And it’s also no secret that we’re all pretty broke, so often the money that we could be spending on our beloved beverage has to be spent on more “practical” things…like food or textbooks. Well, thanks to a new site that’s calling itself a “search engine for beer,” you’ll be able to save more money so you can afford beer and the other important things in life.
Just plug in your zip code, and SaveOnBrew will give you a list of all the deals on beer near you. SaveOnBrew lists the type of beer on sale, the store, and the price. You can also sort by beer type, beer brand, the store and container size or quantity.
So instead of having to search each store’s ads to find deals on beer, SaveOnBrew┬ámakes it easy for you by putting it all in one convenient, searchable database.

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