Baggin' Out: ASOS Half Moon Clutch

The holidays always make me think of a few things: seeing friends, eating sweets and PARTIES. There is no other time that you can dress up and go out almost every night of the week without seeming like a total boozehound. This obscene amount of going out requires new outfits and new clutches! I’ve been browsing the interweb for that very purpose and came upon this beauty recently: the ASOS Half Moon Clutch.

This unique clutch is made of 100% faux snakeskin, done in brilliant gold and blue. The blue actually has a duochrome thing going on, which is super cool. I love the unlikely pairing of colors and think they look smashing. Seriously, imagine this next to a simple black dress and neutral heels – AWESOME!

It opens on a hinge closure to reveal a structured and surprisingly spacious interior. The fact that the clutch has a frame ensures that none of your belongings will get crushed or damaged by your clutching the clutch. Especially if you squeeze it really tightly when your ex walks into the party with his new gal.

If you’re looking for a new clutch for the holiday party season and are the kind of girl who likes to stand out from the crowd, look not further than the ASOS Half Moon Clutch!

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