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How Did Adele Really Slim Down?


When you read the headline “Adele Shows Off Weight Loss After Throat Surgery,” do you do a double-take? Because, really, what do throat surgery and major weight loss have in common? As far as I can tell, not much. However, after looking through photos of Adele’s post-surgery self, it’s clear to see there’s…uh…less of her. Personally, I’m left wondering what kind of surgery she really had.

Before everyone goes off on me, I want to say two things. First, I love Adele. Truly, wholly, undeniably. She is wonderful. Second, I’m not placing judgment on her weight. Regardless of if she’s 20 lbs heavier or lighter, she is still a wildly talented individual with fierce hair. What I do want to talk about is why people are making it seem like this throat surgery (“throat surgery”) would have anything to do with her somewhat-significant weight loss.

Am I the only one left thinking some serious shenanigans are afoot? Like gastric bypass? Or some crazy dieting? Sound off in the comments below and help me wrap my head around this phenomenon.