41 Delicious Christmas Desserts

The holidays are a time for lots of different things: sleigh-riding, roasting chestnuts, holiday shopping, ugly sweaters, family, friends and, of course, lots of wine.
When I was growing up, instead of making holiday cookies we made all different kinds of pasta. We would gather round in groups with forks to seal together the raviolis. And while I still love to make homemade pasta around the holidays, the one thing I really look forward to is the desserts. I mean, I always look forward to dessert, but I pay extra special attention on Christmas.
Half of the fun is looking at all the different festive holiday creations and then drooling over the gooey goodness.
So this year, I think that instead of just looking at the cookie eye-candy, I’ll attempt to make some of my own and hopefully they’ll look as good as these 41 different delicious Christmas desserts!

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