Happy Hanukkah to the Hottest Jewish Celebrities! [Photos]

Now that Christmas is over and I’m making lists of things to keep, things to return and things to regift, I realized that Hanukkah is still going strong.  I got to wondering what all my favorite holy Hollywood hotties are doing in the midst of their Hanukkah celebrations.

Where are they going? What’s their favorite cookie? What are they doing? Is there a chance in hell that they’re wishing for a 5’4″ brunette, interested in anything they’re interested in, hazel eyes and pearly whites in one of those large gift boxes? 

So while I’m busy dreaming that my favorite Hanukkah hunks are hoping to find me all wrapped up for them this year, I know that’s the closest I’ll get to spending the holidays with them. Ugh.

Maybe next year will bring better news, but until then… Happy Hanukkah to just a few of the sexiest Jewish celebrities!

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