The Best Top Ten Lists You Read This Year

Now that all the presents have been opened, the cookies have gone stale and all the decorations have been disassembled, it’s time to start that awful period of reflection…similar to when you try to relive your Saturday nights in order to find your cell phone (or your underwear).
So, while we’re looking back at all the wonderful moments (and the not so wonderful ones, i.e. that time you threw up in your new boyfriend’s bed) here are a few articles that made my year just a smidgen better. I know for a fact after reading them you’ll feel ten thousand times better about all of your not-so-great moments of 2011.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy New year. May your resolutions be easy, and your champagne glasses always full.
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Courtney will be spending this new years eve wining and dining with Patriots players, unlike last years which involved a box of tissues, an empty bottle of wine (or two) and When Harry Met Sally. Be sure to follow Courtney for updates on her fabulous (okay let’s be real…average at best) life (@CourtneyCormier). 

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