CC Shoutout: 3 Reasons Why You Should Ask a Roommate

My freshman year I couldn’t stand my roommate. We were so different that the chance of striking some type of common ground was about as impossible as Britney and Justin finding love in a hopeless place. After three-month old Indian food and dried puke on her bedspread, I spent the entire year living out of a friends room. Rarely did I ask for advice. I just felt like there was no hope.
Lucky for you, we run a weekly web series, hosted by the fabulous Marysa, that addresses common roommate problems (submitted by YOU!). While there are a bajillion reasons why you should tune in and see what our ultimate roommate mediator has to say, here are the top three:
1. It’s always good to have a non-biased opinion, especially when your friends are obviously going to take your side and her friends are obviously going to take hers. We give you the rundown on what we think you should do to be proactive about your squabble. But sometimes, there’s no right answer. So if you can’t solve the problem, at least you’ll have outnumbered her in supporters!
2. We answer YOUR¬†questions! Yeah, I said it and I’ll say it again: Y-O-U-R questions get posted to our site and we do our best to give you the advice you need! The more you encourage friends and future roomies to submit their issues to Marysa, the more help you have resolving issues — no matter how big or small.
3. We don’t sugar coat anything. We’re real college girls too, so we tell it like it is every chance we can. Maybe your roommate is an alcoholic, or maybe she is a slut. There’s no reason for us to lie and say that ‘maybe you’re over-thinking it, she doesn’t drink every¬†night’ or is ‘sexually exploratory right now’. Nope. We’re shellin’ out the cold hard facts on real world girls with real world fights.
So what are you waiting for? Check out our previous episodes! To submit a roommate issue or question of your own, send an email with “Ask A Roommate” in the subject to editor(at)collegecandy(dot)com and let us help!

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