Top New Year's Eve Kisses in Hollywood

The days after Christmas that lead up to New Year’s are some of the most exciting fun-filled dreadful days for a single girl (let’s be honest). New Year’s is swiftly approaching and I find it particularly irksome that so much importance is spent on a holiday that is really only fun for the few of us that are over 21 and in a relationship (I belong in neither group). New Year’s usually amounts to a toast of sparkling cider and a swift move to bed ¬†after the year’s begun. But even if I am a Debbie Downer about this particular holiday, I am still a girl who deep, deep, deep, deep down somewhere in my heart enjoys the romanticism of the holiday.
Here’s a list of Top New Year’s Eve Kisses for the like-minded single girl.

Words That Sound Dirty, But Aren't
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