Words That Sound Dirty, But Aren't

It’s hard for us not to snicker when we hear words that sound dirty, but actually have nothing to do with the subject of getting it on. Sometimes our minds just won’t get out of the gutter. Case in point: “Organism/orgasm,” anyone? Gets me every time.
Five words that sound dirty but definitely are not…
1. Uranus
2. Crotchety
3. Titillating
4. Bangkok
5. Hipster
I used to be an avid loather of the hipster culture and lumped everyone who listened to indie rock and wore Free People into a category of music snobs with their noses turned up in the air, going on about how poor they are while wearing designer sunglasses. I know many condemn the hipster for their stuck-up attitudes and “homeless chic” clothing choices, but check out this essay on why “hipster” is really not a dirty word. This essay defends the hipster’s honor and gives real and true points as to why the label isn’t such a bad thing after all.

A**Hole of Bel Air?
A**Hole of Bel Air?
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