20 Worst Movie Mistakes Revealed

Holiday break is upon us which means after a few weeks of being home with the fam, we’re already bored as hell. Now, there are many ways to cure the boredom blues including: inviting yourself over to a friend’s house, re-organizing your disaster of a closet, or watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix (my personal favorite). When all those options become “been there, done that,” we here at CollegeCandy have found a little gem that’ll perk up any dull day.
If you’re like me, whenever there’s a continuity error in a film or TV show, you must point it out to every single person within a five mile radius. “HIS SHIRT IS DIFFERENT!” “HER HAIR WAS UP AND NOW IT’S DOWN!” Finding flaws in films can be difficult, but it’s also pretty fun. So when you’re twiddling your thumbs this holiday break and there seems like nothing to do, check out these 20 worst movie mistakes in family favorite films! 

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