Ask a Roommate: Can I Borrow That?

Living with a roommate is usually a lot of fun. Living with a roommate who has a dream wardrobe is…well…a dream. Cute going out tops, designer skinny jeans, sparkly long necklaces — it’s all enough to make a girl feel like she lives in Forever 21. But unlike a fabulous store, you can’t just try on your roommate’s clothes, drop what doesn’t fit on the floor and walk away with the rest.
If you’re roommate openly tells you to borrow whatever you’d like, that’s one thing. But it’s a rare occasion when that happens. Usually there are some pieces that are off limits — her grandmother’s pearl earrings, her favorite Marc Jacobs clutch — and some rules to go along with it all. Case in point, don’t even think about what happens when you spill beer down the front of her silk cami.
So, in order to avoid arguments and awkward moments, see how Marysa suggests you ask your roommate if you can borrow the item of your desire!
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